My street drains have been holding up so far. We are trapped in our Neighborhood though. All streets leading in/out are flooded and closed. It's like our own private island 🙄 A few more days of this to go. 😔I'm just hoping the lake behind the house stays put.
  1. Static
  2. This is also a pic of the storm that dropped the tornado a mile away.
  3. Static
  4. Stay there in your banks Mr. Lakey Lake!
  5. Supposedly the street was covered at 3am (I see no evidence and think it was just a over hyped neighbor posting on the FB page) but I was sleeping and exhausted after having a house full of friends and neighbors over for the fight. It was super stressful because our DIRECTV kept blinking out but came in well for the main event.
    I know I should not make jokes right now but humor and a good attitude will get you far in times like these.
  6. Our Hurrication/ Fight party.
  7. We have been super lucky so far! I'm hoping we keep rolling on with the good.