Those of you with daughters I just don't even know how you do it!
  1. I am not ready for my nieces to grow up
  2. My oldest niece is 13
  3. And she is a beauty!
  4. Today a boy invited her and a girlfriend over to his house.
  5. My sister thought by telling my niece to have the boys mom to call her would put the kibosh on the whole scenario.
  6. But then the phone rang and it was the boys mom. She assured my sister she would be there and they'd be supervised.
  7. The plan was for them to all go swimming.
  8. But it started raining
  9. And then the mom texted this:
  10. So basically this mom is setting up a "Netflix and Chill" for her son
  11. I am dying laughing!
  12. My poor sister!
  13. Seriously though I am so glad I don't have kids.
  14. **new info my nieces friend can't go so my niece decided to not go either. Phew! Boy Bullet dodged for the moment.