Some Of My Family And Their Famous Doppelgängers

When you get told "hey, you know who you look like" everywhere you go
  1. My Husband
    Everywhere we've ever been people stop to tell him that he looks like Danny Bonaduce. Besides the obvious ginger hair I can actually occasionally see some similarities. More so in profile or in the space between the lip and the nose. This is all very annoying to him and he thinks there is no similarity.
  2. My Uncle
    In his younger years he did look kinda like Burt a days not so much.
  3. My Brother @jneezy79
    With the popularity of Game Of Thrones he now constantly gets Kristofer Hivju who plays Thormond Giantsbane
  4. Little Old Me
    On my good days I get either Jenny McCarthy or Pita Murgatroyd from Dancing With The Stars.