The cars of my life

When you can't sleep and instead of counting sheep you count cars. (Stock photos from Google)
  1. Birth to 4
    Cutlass supreme: only memory was my mom rear ended someone and I smacked the dashboard. Pre- carseat and seatbelt laws.
  2. 4-5
    Peugeot: in the shop most of the time. Huge piece of crap. Don't even remember it really.
  3. 5-10
    Brown van: mini bar, curtains and captains chairs, fold out bed. Apparently my brothers were conceived in this bad boy.
  4. 5-10
    Datsun 240z: the z car. Not so ideal for a family but when there was just 4 of us we fit. (Also the beginning of my dads many life crises.) just ran through my list with my dad and he actually had two of these in this time span.
  5. 11-15
    Nissan 300zx: I thought it would be mine at 16. Smart dad got that off the books before having to add a teenage driver to the insurance.
  6. 11-16
    Chevy Suburban: I had to take my drivers test in this beast with no a/c in June. Surprised he didn't fail me just for that fact.
  7. 15-16
    Ford F-350: my other option for my drivers test. Extended bed and cab + parallel thanks
  8. 16-26
    Ford Probe: my first car! Thanks Dad!
  9. 27-30
    Ford Explorer Sport: first car that I bought myself. I hated that thing. This was at the time the tires were exploding on these things and lots of recalls. Of course I called it my Ford Exploder.
  10. 30-36
    Miata: I loved loved loved this car!! I would probably still have it if a lady wouldn't of smashed it while running a red light and talking on her phone. Grrrr!
  11. 36-42
    Mazda rx8: I had a love hate with this car. I loved it and then I hated it.
  12. 42-present
    Mercedes c250: I was ready for some luxury in my life.