1. I was being nice and donated a Christmas tree to a lady for the children's ministry at her church
  2. Then she asked us to flock it which I told her I could not do for free but for her to pay what was fair which she agreed and said she would pay when she came to pick up
    (Flock is when trees are painted with fluffy white stuff to look like snow)
  3. And then I started getting a bad vibe off of her
  4. And I was right to
  5. Tonight she showed up to get her tree and brought a lady with her and the lady's 4 kids to tell me that the lady was on hard times and could I help her with a tree too?
  6. Well I was not getting an appreciative feeling off this group
  7. Instead I got "what can you do for her?" "She's getting a divorce and has all these kids"
  8. Honestly it was weird and lots of people are on hard times so how is it that I owe her something for this?
  9. And some of you may think I'm a total heartless bitch but I'm trusting my gut on this that they were just trying to scam me
  10. I told them I would not do another free tree but that I'd discount one to half price even though I knew I'd regret it.
  11. Next thing I know they've picked out a $90 tree so I said ok so it will be $45 plus tax
  12. Well then the truly ungrateful crap started.
  13. They said well we want it flocked so how much for that
  14. I said it will be $55 plus $45 for the tree
  15. The 11 year old started pouting and some man that was with them told her "don't cry we will get it for you"
  16. And they were trying to guilt me because "she's never had a white tree"
  17. Tough titties! Shit I'm trying to be nice here and you all are being total jerks
    Like life is fair all the time little girl get used to disappointment because life is full of it
  18. And she wasn't even crying she was just being a spoiled little diva and having a stomp and stick her bottom lip out tantrum
  19. So anyway they kept asking how much and could I do the deal for a total of $30 because that's all she brought
  20. I told them no and that I was done discounting and dealing
  21. So they asked me to hold the tree so they could go find more money
  22. Ummmm ok please tell me where you do this I'd love a place that I can just "go find money"
  23. It just pissed me off that they acted as if I owed them something
  24. I'm sorry your life is bad but when some one is being nice to you and you just try push it to what you want and you don't take what you are being given then you probably don't actually need what you are trying to get
  25. And if what is being offered is not satisfactory you say thank you for the offer we appreciate it but no thank you.
  26. When I told them half price and she knew she only had $30 did she go pick out a tree that she could afford?
  27. Nope! She tried to make it my problem that she only had $30. I have trees that would have fit her budget even without the discount but with it she could have gotten a nice tree
  28. And I find this so many times with people lately
  29. The I'm owed something for nothing and I have no personal accountability thing is on my last nerve
  30. So what's the saying? No good deed goes unpunished. That's how I'm feeling about tonight.
  31. And to top it off the first tree that the lady agreed to pay for the flock got her tree loaded while I was talking to the ungrateful lady and left without paying.
    Seriously 🙄
  32. What jerks! I won't forget them because they will probably come around next year for a hand out and guess what I don't think I'll be able to help them next time.
  33. Merry Freaking Christmas Y'all