Mind you I am just a girl working at a garden center.
  1. "I hate that my husband sprays air freshener at the toilet lid. It makes my shirt stick to it when I lean back to relax and do my business"
    Wtf?! You should keep your business to yourself.
  2. "Have you ever gotten a mirror and held it so you can see what your husband sees when you're having sex?"
    Wtf? No! Why are you asking me this?
  3. "I assume your boobs are real. My husband sent me to look at them"
    Wtf? Wtf?! Wtf?! That is literally none of you business but if you must know "they're real and they're spectacular"
  4. "If I'm home I'm nude"
    Wtf?! Great! Now that horrible image is with me for life!
  5. "I'm on new meds for vaginal dryness"
    Wtf?! No! No! No!
  6. "Erections lasting 4 hours is a real problem not just something that's on a commercial warning"
    Wtf?! Why? Why? Why? Really?!