An exchange between myself and a customer who speaks some type of Arabic.
  1. At work a man is passing by me so I say hello.
    He looks at me yet through me at the same time and does not say hello or smile back.
  2. I see him wandering around looking at all different kinds of plants.
    I see him taking pictures of a few different plants.
  3. A while later he appears before me with a questioning look.
    I smile and ask if he has a question.
  4. He holds up his phone, points to it then gives me the hold on a second index finger point.
    Ok I guess I can wait. For what I have no idea.
  5. He opens his photos.
    I have learned the hard way that its best to not watch people scroll through their camera roll. Shit I've seen and can't unsee well that's a list for a different day.
  6. He finally shows me a picture of a Philodendron Selloum aka elephant ear.
  7. He gives me the wait a minute index finger point again.
    Ok I'm waiting
  8. He opens Siri.
    He speaks what seems like a super long question.
  9. Siri answers in his language with what sounded like a question.
    He is not happy about this.
  10. He uses an annoyed tone and repeats his question to Siri.
    She replies.
  11. He is very satisfied with this exchange.
    He holds up Siri's written response as she's speaking so that I can see and hear what she's saying.
  12. "I am champion"
    Wtf?! Ok where do I go with this Siri? I have a few guesses as to what this mistranslation could actually be. I also think there's a possibility that maybe he is hitting on me and just being braggadocios.
  13. I just nod yes. What else could I do?
    He nods yes. And I think we are through but no he has the question face again.
  14. He starts spinning his hand like a tornado and speaking in his language.
    Oh fuck now he wants to play charades.
  15. I just take a guess that we are still "speaking" about the philodendron and not the impending bad weather we are expecting this evening or some crazy shit that he wants to do to me.
    I tell him no and wave my hand like a tornado and then wave my arm like I'm making a big arching rainbow and nod yes. Idk it just seemed like the thing to do.
  16. He repeats my actions back to me.
    I nod yes
  17. He gives me the "ok I got it, that makes sense wave" then gives me a positive face, nods then heads to his car, then leaves.
    Not a smile, but not a scowl.
  18. For all I know we are now dating.