Sheeple that can't see what's right in front of their eyes and hear what's going to their ears
  1. When you ask me what plants attract bees and I go around and show you 10 different plants that attract them and physically are loaded with bees at that moment so much so that we can hear the hummm
  2. And then you ask "where is your lavender?" "Why didn't you show it to me? That's what the Internet suggests" in a snitty tone.
    You know the tone like I'm the dumbest person ever and they look around for someone else to possibly help. Not the inquisitive tone of "what about____?"
  3. If you just wanted to see lavender why isn't that what you asked?
  4. And we walk over to the lavender and there are no bees and you ask me why that is
  5. And I explain why. A) It's not blooming so there is nothing there for them. The flowers are what attracts them not the plant itself and B) I didn't show you because it is not the greatest plant for our area due to our heat and humidity
  6. And you tell me that you are going to get only the lavender because that's what your internet "research" showed.
  7. Well guess what my research shows.
  8. Through my first hand real life experience you are most likely deaf, dumb and blind.
  9. Real life is happening around you.
  10. Learn not just from what you read but also from your own experiences and from people who know more about a subject than you.
  11. Be fearless in your learning.
  12. Don't just rely on your own "internet research"
  13. Live life!
  14. Oh and don't be an asshole!