1. crafting personalized, vindictive, scathing speeches to give to everyone who has ever wronged me
  2. drinking a can of dr. pepper
  3. spraying my hair with dry shampoo even though it'll just get greasy again by tomorrow morning
  4. gaining weight, most likely
  5. keeping up with French class jk
  6. watching joanna newsom's newest music vid on repeat and thinking about how if the fact that all of the comments on her videos are people being positive and kind to one another isn't proof that the woman is an earthbound angel I don't know what is
  7. laughing at these magnets I put on the fridge
    24a35ea6 2da5 40d4 ba3d eb17a7f59e8b
  8. worrying about whether or not my professors think I'm chill
  9. remembering how good I am at dance dance revolution
  10. considering buying dance dance revolution for Xbox
  11. not getting tired do you hear me NOT getting tired don't you dare fall asleep on me kelly
  12. talking to myself
    on the Internet AND out loud! you're welcome, roommates
  13. not learning microeconomics, that's for sure
  14. dying slowly
    but probably more quickly than people who eat vegetables