1. Explanation of April's whereabouts.
    April and her mother were con artists who are both in jail for the next 5-7 years. Lorelei relays the whole incident as a funny anecdote at cocktail parties to Luke's chagrin.
  2. Ms. Patty is dating an off-Broadway star whom nobody has heard of but pretends they have because he always pays for everyone's coffee at Luke's.
    Whenever he orders at the counter of the diner, Ms. Patty will come up behind him and publicly slap his ass yelling, "now THAT'S showbiz, baby!"
  3. Lulu and Kirk have three boys.
    They are all named Kirk but pronounced in different falsettos.
  4. Taylor had a brief tryst with a young divorcee who found his neurosis charming, but she didn't make the cut.
    The townspeople of Stars Hallow tapped into their Stockholm Syndrome of Taylor's totalitarian ways and claimed she was "taking him away from the town." Kirk had everyone sign a petition to exile her to Woodbridge. Taylor complied with a quiet, confident smile and she was never seen again.
  5. Paris was on TV as an editor for the Wall Street Journal who got into a physical altercation with Donald Trump.
    Doyle was photographed in the background, holding her purse and smiling alongside Terrance.
  6. Mrs. Kim has not changed one bit and is as big of a savage as ever.
    "Boys don't like funny girls"