1. Called Carrie Underwood's house to talk to her parents when she won American Idol.
    I was twelve and found their house number. Her dad politely said, "please never do anything like this again, to anyone." I also may have been the very first person he spoke to after it was announced she won and I feel guilty that he'll never get that moment back.
  2. *broke* out of a cop car
    I put the broke in ** because technically the door wasn't closed so technically I didn't break out- more just ran out. I was in high school and my mom is a youth minister WHAT OTHER CHOICE DID I HAVE.
  3. Made a sign that said, "American Idol is a Religion" and held it up at a concert for 3 hours.
  4. Prank called a very popular senior who was the football captain in my high school when I was an emo freshman every single day for six months.
    He knew. I didn't stop.
  5. Survived my mother dropping me off at college for the first time while she had Wide Open Spaces burned on a CD 19 times that she kept on loop for 4.5 hours.