2. Fear of how I will emotionally react and if I can handle that right now. The last 2 out of a total of 8 have left me so fearful of what my emotions can do. Is that normal? It wasn't true before that is for sure
  3. Where do I start when it's all one big ball of tangled Christmas lights?
  4. If I start with addiction people think that's the story, when that's never the story, that's the medication to keep the story quiet. But people still att h the negative self choice but when it has been diagnosed as the same as cancer. I was woefully uniformed in this issue as most are.
  5. What it it just keeps pouring and I can't stop
  6. I don't know!!!
  7. Seriously. I'm on comp all day. Just do it kelly
  8. I am so used to good things going away
  9. Why else do you stop writing??? Help. It's choking me to death. Someone make me make a list that starts to pull it out!! Please.
  10. How the hell do I tag these so anyone pays attention. I can make useless lists without a faux audience. #helpmeplease @LISTSOFNOTE @list @LevNovak help!!!