My Favorite Paint Colors

My favorite choice of medium is gouache and I have a handful of favorites I use.
  1. Prussian Blue
    I know a lot of people that hate this color, but it's so deep and rich. Mixed with a sepia and you get a rich black that has more depth than straight black.
  2. Sepia
    See above.
  3. Naples Yellow
    Good for so many things.
  4. Alizarin Crimson
  5. Cadmium Red
    Great straight from the tube for lit areas of red. Also fantastic when mixed with Naples Yellow for tips of noses, fingers or inside the ear when light shines on it from behind.
  6. Cyprus Green
    No particular reason. I just like it.
  7. Yellow Ochre
    This is a great shadow yellow.
  8. Burnt Sienna
  9. Raw Sienna
  10. Any Sienna
  11. Sap Green
    Mine is always kind of oily, but I love it anyway.
  12. Viridian
  13. Cadmium Yellow Pale
  14. Ultramarine
    This also makes a nice black when mixed with Burnt Umber.
  15. Cerulean