1. At 5, I was going to be the first female president. Look out, Hillary.
  2. Maybe an artist.
  3. By 7, I came to the conclusion that politics were not my thing and I should be a doctor
  4. Okay, maybe not a doctor... I like animals better. A veterinarian.
  5. Artist is still an option.
  6. Around 10, I decided to focus my animal saving in one area and become a marine biologist. This is odd, as I was never much of a water enthusiast, rarely around beaches and spent most of my spare time riding horses.
  7. In my early teen years, I must have realized how silly this was and decided that, yes, I should be an artist...
  8. ...but if not that, an engineer. (Yes, you read that correctly.)
  9. At 17, I was definitely set on being an Illustrator/Designer.
  10. Lo and behold, at 22, I graduated with a BFA and got my first job as an Illustrator/Designer. Life as a professional artist is great, but I always have plan B - become an engineer - to fall back on. Just in case.