1. Pete Townshend
    I think we should be friends.
  2. The Prison Industrial Complex
    Bitch Planet research-initiated.
  3. The Midori Travelers Notebook and variants thereof
    ...like the Chic Sparrow Maverick Deluxe
  4. Cheap Japanese .5 Pens
  5. What's the Point podcast from 538
    Thank you, @evanp
  6. Making my frequent travel easier
    Particularly the process of packing.
  7. Finding time to practice viola, which I have taken up at 45, because midlife crisis I guess
  8. Time-tracking software
  9. The Kraken
  10. Hogwarts House sorting everyone I know
    Yeah. I know.
  11. Plum
    The color.
  12. Corporations as artificial life
    ...more work research