Alaskan bush people

I've recently become obsessed with this show and desperately need to share my thoughts on this wonderfully entertaining family
  1. BAM BAM
    Though he is the most serious of all the brown siblings, he is always looking out for his siblings. He is charming in sort of a dark way and his sad reaction to leaving for jail made me sad. I like BAM BAM because you can tell he really truly cares.
  2. BEAR
    The most fearless out of the group. I like bear because he just loves to run around. He also lives in a tree and constantly talks about making fire, so that's really fun!
  3. GABE
    Gabe is one cool guy. His greatest talent ( as far as I have seen) is chopping up wood. My favorite episode that I've seen is when have is trying to move a moldy wet shed to brown town to be his bachelor pad. I like gave because he is good and building, very resourceful, and is very positive
  4. MATT
    Matt just seems like a good guy. He's always down to hang with the family in whatever project they have going. He also has some of the more interesting projects going on in the bush like his hot tub made from an old boat, a green house made from plastic wrap, and I like that about him.
  5. RAINY
    Rainy is not shown often on the show (from what I've seen). But one episode I did see she was having a lot of fun swinging on a rope swing on the integrity even though she was scared. It was cool to see that even in the bush they still have normal every day fears
    Snow bird is the cheering section of the family. When the boys want to quit a project she is always pushing them to persevere and to finish the job
  7. NOAH
    Noah spends most of his time doing different science experiments. I like that even in the bush he is able to create all kinds of different experiments.