Nobody likes to get right into writing an essay. So here is a list of the things I recommend doing before you punish yourself by writing an essay due tomorrow
  1. Find your dog
    I have to make sure she is still around, you know? Who knows what kind of nightmares she could have had in the five minutes in which I somewhat decided I was going to write this essay
  2. Check to see if you have any text messages You haven't answered
    This is an important one and also a sad one because most of the time it's a big "no". But hey! it could happen.
  3. Since You're already on your phone check all other forms of social media
    Making sure you're caught up on everyone's business is mighty important. And what better time than now to find out which celeb hottie named Chris you are going to marry! Thanks buzzfeed
  4. Check YouTube notifications
    You can't expect to be ready for this essay until you've had your fill of all your favorite youtubers
  5. Learn how to play a song on an instrument
    My instrument of choice is the ukulele. There plenty of tutorials on YouTube so you can basically learn any song you could possibly want to! That is until you watch the video and it is far too complicated for your skill level and thus spend 20 minutes playing the 3 songs you already know over and over and over again
  6. Check on your dog once again.
    Your dog could always use more snuggles. Could she have to go outside? Yup. This is the time. You can't write an essay knowing that your poor dogs bladder is full!