Specifically things I did roadway AFTER I picked the kids up from school
  1. That thing where you open the washer to start doing laundry and find clothes still in there
  2. Checked homework
    Of two kids
  3. Tried new Ninja blender for the first time
    I made a cherry cola slurpee
  4. Started curry chicken with 🥔 and white 🍚
    Extra spicy with scotch bonnet peppers
  5. Made lunches for the kids
    Mini heroes, pineapple, goldfish, cookies and juice
  6. Washed dishes
  7. Baked a two layer cake
    Yellow with vanilla frosting
  8. Chopped 🍍 , 🥝 , 🍓 , 🍌,🥒
    For two hours
  9. Put away the laundry
  10. Mopped the floors
  11. Made beds
  12. Took a shower
  13. Gave myself a facial
  14. Did my manicure
  15. Cut toenails
  16. I'm tired 😴 of typing but I did more stuff
  17. Realized lettuce now costs 4.00 a head!