How many times a day do I?

Feel free to guess
  1. Refold the hand towels in the bathroom.
    No less than 12
  2. Say "clean your room" to my kids
    The only time it's clean is if I waste 3 hours cleaning it myself
  3. Restock drinks in our fridge
    They all know how to drink, no clue on how to restock
  4. Remind little people to brush teeth, comb hair and use deodorant
    At least 3 times
  5. Yell "stop yelling!"
    It's ridiculous I know but they are soooo loud
  6. Text their teachers
    Way more than you might think
  7. Pass a Mirror and gasp at what has become of my hair!
    A mess at all times
  8. Change the toilet paper roll
    Only once daily but I am the only person that knows how apparently
  9. Say good morning to coworkers
    More than one is too many