Mom with too much stuff to cram into one day off
  1. Wake up my son and his moody sister -she gets it from her daddy. He hates to get up too
  2. Make breakfast for everyone and they all want something different
  3. Pack lunches for the 3 of them - rarely make time to pack my own lunch btw
  4. Drive the kids to school
  5. Watch one episode of GOT or The L word
  6. Start the laundry
  7. Run errands including grocery shopping
  8. Pick the kids up from school
  9. Make kids after school snack
  10. Help with homework
  11. Drive kids to their activities
  12. Make dinner
  13. Make lunches
  14. Make these kids take showers
  15. Bake dessert and or bread
  16. Prep breakfast for next day
  17. Set coffee timer
  18. Lay out clothes for next day for all of us
  19. Put laundry away
  20. Do my daughter's hair
  21. It never ends.....