Liking these makes me feel shame...

  1. Cameron Dallas
    (Internet famous teen)
  2. Pumpkin cheesecake cookies
    Only once a year so I buy boxeS!!! And forget to share.
  3. Kendall Jenner
    I am enjoying watch her develop as a model beneath the Kardashian cloud almost as much as I enjoy watching Kylie low key compete with her.
  4. The L word series
    Shane and Bette! Need I type more?
  5. Hershey's cookies and cream bars
    Let it melt in your tongue then crunch those cookie morsels and try not to have an orgasm
  6. Purses
    Never too many....
  7. Netflix
    Each and everyday since I hopped on the bandwagon light years behind the rest of the 🌎
  8. Coffee and Patrone
    Not together and in no particular order
  9. Stand up comedy
    It's the only thing keeping me from weeping alone in the shower
  10. Sidenote: Chris D'elia 🚹 is so 🔥that I'm almost confused by his beauty. Perfect hair and an Adam's apple worth biting. Thank God he has that crazy giggle/laugh that brings me back to reality.