People I think my kids might grow up to look like

In no particular order and with a mere 15% delusional mother's ❤️ love
  1. He is actually a distant cousin twice removed!
  2. He has the same Carmel complexion and curly hair
  3. Moving on to my daughter now...
  4. I took her picture to make a personalized birthday cake and they thought it was a picture of a young Raven Simone!
  5. This is where a portion of that mother's delusion creeps in but she COULD grow up to favor this beauty
  6. Exhibit A
    My actual son
  7. Exhibit B
    My actual daughter
  8. I think about their future selves so much it's ridiculous.
  9. I have approached strangers on the street with their hair textures and boldly demanded to know what product they were using.
  10. I need a hobby