Places I have visited

And been a resident of
  1. Michigan
    My home state. Home of Ticonderoga pencils, Domino sugar and Motown Music
  2. Canada
    First country I visited. How of Roots wear and Drake
  3. Florida
    I never felt more uneasy before or since and I also experienced my first racial violence at the age of 18
  4. Ohio
    First plane ride and Hotel stay age 11
  5. Washington
  6. Las Vegas
  7. Cancun Mexico
  8. Paris France
  9. Bahamas, Jamaica
  10. Italy
    Naples and Pompeii
  11. New York
    Fell in love with the city at first visit. Earned my BA in Literature and created my two beautiful children there.
  12. Los Angeles California
    Some parts of it seemed so very far away from God.
  13. Phoenix Arizona
    Somehow hotter than Las Vegas