While other people are resting and binge watching I was...
  1. Birthday- very special birthday sex with my bf
    PS It's not his birfday.😏
  2. Made breakfast
    🥞Pancakes, egg 🍳 white cheese 🧀 omelette and bacon 🥓
  3. Unbranded my daughters hair
    Takes more time then braiding😢
  4. Had a cup of ☕️ coffee and a bagel
  5. Washed my daughter's hair
    Natural Curly hair is a process
  6. Lost my entire mind
    Translation: went out and shoveled snow
  7. Made hot chocolate 🍫
    For the kids and their dad
  8. Filled out an application for a promotion
    Fingers crossed
  9. Made lunches for kids
    They are going to school tomorrow or else
  10. Gave myself a charcoal facial and gel manicure
  11. Made dinner
    Salmon croquette, rice a roni and sweet peas
  12. Washed one million dishes
  13. Lost several rounds of 1010
  14. Watched SNL episode with Dave and Tribe
    I've really missed them and it's great to hear from them again
  15. Made this list right after getting everything ready for work