Songs I played on my iPod today

Artists specifically with some titles thrown in here and there
  1. Too Good Drake...current fav on repeat
  2. Green Eyes Coldplay ... Then I HAD to google Gwyneths eye color...azul btw
  3. Outlast and Jay Z mash up
  4. Getting in the way...Jill scott
  5. Graduation ..Kanye
  6. Sweetest Taboo ..Sade
  7. Every breath you take Sting just fully grasping the scope of creepiness contained within this harmless ballad
  8. Grammys ...future and Drake
    I didn't catch most of what future warbled through auto tune but I liked it anyway
  9. Your southern can is mine/ white stripes
    I went to grade school with Jack White's brother
  10. Triplets of Bellville soundtrack