1. The lyrics to King of Pain @sting
  2. PTSD soldiers and anxiety ridden animals suffering tonight #fourthofjuly
  3. The irony of the last item #military
  4. That guy in Central Park who got his foot blown up....land mines? Homemade fireworks ? #fuckery
  5. Frida khalo
  6. The shape of my fingernails, curved in a way both lovely and witchy
  7. The Tudors vs Borges #netflix
  8. Sheer joy that while everyone else is dragging their asses back to work I'm off until Friday!
  9. Gas....#brocollistrikesagain
  10. Summer reading
  11. The realization that while my son will be starting summer school I should be shopping for school supplies #thehorror and #theimmensejoy I looooooove finishing that chore by the second week in July and wait while amateurs start in August or even after Labor Day #😆