100 YEARS OF LI.ST (1918) 🕰

1918 Li.sts of the Year (Thanks @jakebrandman for this fun project!)
  1. President Wilson's 14 Points
    President Wilson came out strong in January with his li.st for achieving world peace. The ultimate how-to list.
  2. "How to Avoid the Spanish Flu" li.sts
    Really wish these had come out sooner. So important! For all of our sake, please follow. 🙏
  3. Forbes 1st Li.st of the 30 Richest Americans.
    The premier ranking li.st for the year. I do wonder if the lack of wealth distribution in this country will come back to haunt us?
  4. Casualty Li.sts
    The saddest li.sts of the year. Hopefully the Armistice will bring an end to these li.sts for good.
  5. Time Zone Li.sts
    Congress making the time zones official brought the classification li.sts of the year. I'm Central through and through.
  6. Li.sts expected to be big in 1919:
  7. Best ways to stockpile liquor.
    15 states ratified the 18th amendment (Prohibition) this year. It's coming, people, be prepared!
  8. European countries and their new names.
    So many countries are breaking up and re-forming with the end of the war. These li.sts will be necessary primers.