A List For My Mom on the 38th Anniversary of Her Becoming a Mom

Style references Inspired by @ameliaville and @Boogie
  1. I tried to think of what I should do for a birthday list and figured this was the perfect day for a tribute to my mom.
    This is also a list I've tried to write in one way or another since I've been on li.st so it seems fitting I finally post it at the one year mark.
  2. Friday, October 13, 1978
    She looks so good given what she just went through and the 6 weeks of bed rest before that. Sorry mom!
  3. She is the hardest working person I will ever know.
    She worked two jobs and went to law school at age 36 as a single mother of two. Then went on to be a kickass attorney.
  4. She always knows what we need and we can tell her everything. She's a great friend.
    Doesn't this look like a person you want to be friends with? She once took me to breakfast after a horribly embarrassing one night stand to help me drown my sorrows in pancakes.(like I said...great friend!).
  5. She instilled a sense of social responsibility and awareness in us.
    She is an unabashed feminist and raised her daughters that way. She also boycotts any company that she feels perpetuates discrimination, injustice, environmental hazards, etc. My sister and I still do this and add to the list.
  6. She's always been stylish.
    Prom dress she made herself.
  7. She's amused by us even at our least amusing.
  8. She's creative.
    She made all of our Halloween costumes and was always the room mother for parties. She even baked, though she doesn't love to cook.
  9. And now...She's also a wonderful grandma.
    She loves it and they adore her. I don't have kids, but I think my sister would agree her kids are as lucky to have her as we are.