Inspired by by so many of these lists I've read. You all have wonderful ideas. Thank you @ChrisK for organizing this.
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    First, thank you!
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    Second, Anything really. I love surprises.
    I like seeing what people pick out as gifts and just the idea someone took the time to do this.
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    That said if you want some ideas here are things I like:
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    Office supplies
    I'm a sucker for fun notepads, paper clips, etc
  5. β€’
    Books-something you think I should read, something you loved, even a children's book you think would be good for me to read to my nephews
  6. β€’
    Picture frames and albums
    The nephews again...I have lots of photos that need framed or put in albums.
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    Anything handmade or handwritten
    The idea that someone would go to this trouble is amazing to me and would be appreciated whatever it was. I think it would be fun to frame something handwritten that was sent to me.
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    Something from where you are from
    I always collect a local cookbook, magnet, etc that represents the places I visit. I would love to add to those collections with something from where you are from.
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    I love to cook and love recipes. If you have a great family recipe that would be fantastic. I want to decorate my kitchen with framed recipe cards and would love to add yours to the collection.
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    The only thing I don't like is chocolate. But if you have a great chocolate recipe or chocolate item you think I should know about I would love to share it with my chocoholic family and pay your gift forward.