I impulsively took the rest of the week off and I have nowhere I have to be and no one I have to see. I'm looking at 5 days of free time!
  1. First some prep: Laundry to make sure I have all of my favorite comfy clothes clean. I have a new set of Cardinals pajamas from Christmas I'm saving for New Year's Day.
  2. More prep: Go to the grocery store so I have food in the house and prevent too many carry out meals.
  3. Bucket list movies: Reds, Annie Hall, maybe The Godfather
    This one is off to an auspicious start...They are singing a song in Reds my grandma who passed this year used to sing and I'm crying.
  4. Watch Band of Brothers all of the way through
    I've watched bits and pieces but never the whole thing. I'm embarrassed.
  5. Finish in progress books. I am in the middle of 3 books and I'm going to take this time to finish them.
    My sister wants to borrow one and is bugging me to finish so I will probably start there. Starting 2016 with a clean slate would be good also.
  6. Color in my new coloring books
    Honestly this much movie watching means I will need to be doing something else or snacking will be a problem.
  7. Cook meals to freeze and catch up on podcasts.
    Since I have the time I'm thinking of making several things and freezing them. My favorite time for podcast listening is while I cook.
  8. Watch the Rose Parade and football all day on New Year's Day.
    A classic
  9. Returning to work Monday ready to hit the ground running during my busy season.
    After this much time with my own thoughts I will probably be happy to go to work. This is also as close to a resolution as I'm getting.