Inspired by @bjnovak. As time goes by I'm more responsible for cooking these dishes but my grandma and mom's recipes still win.
  1. Stuffing
    My love for this side dish transcends Thanksgiving. I used to eat stove top for dinner in college. (Yes there was a freshman 15) I've moved on to making this from scratch and never use a recipe like I'm channeling my grandma.
  2. Cranberry sauce
    Once I discovered it didn't come from a can and was sliced according to the can rings I became a big fan. This gets a high billing for its post Thanksgiving condiment status on sandwiches.
  3. Broccoli Rice Casserole
    A Mad Men level classic casserole that combines frozen broccoli, rice, processed cheese, celery and onion, and cream of mushroom soup. It looks as good as the ingredients sound, but it's a piece of my childhood.
  4. Rolls
    Are they a side dish? Either way they are a highlight.
  5. Sweet Potatoes (no marshmallows)
    Controversial maybe, but I don't like marshmallows. My grandma puts this brown sugar streusel topping on her sweet potatoes. It's fantastic and even less healthy than the marshmallow kind.
  6. Green beans
    Since I was old enough to know my parents were tricking me by calling them "green ronis" as if they were a pasta I've disliked this vegetable. However, I'm the one that makes them every year for the holidays.
  7. Mashed potatoes
    My least fav. Just a conduit for gravy if you ask me.