Thank you for the request @marissarae. I had a similar draft that I've beet sitting on for a while. Here is what I think and why I might not be the best candidate.
  1. Librarian
    They probably don't let you just read all day. I'm afraid I'd be fired for hiding with a stack of the new books.
  2. Art Historian
    I have dreams of working in museums. Again, there is probably more to it than just walking around and looking at paintings.
  3. Preschool Teacher
    I'm Aunt Kelly to a lot of kids and the go to family babysitter so it seems like a natural choice. I would run scared after 2 days I'm sure.
  4. A job just like mine, but only the fun parts.
    I actually like my job. If I could do only the really fun parts all the time that would be ideal. Too much of a good thing, though?