Movies That Terrified Me as a Child

Inspired by @RachelP. My nephew wanted to watch a scary movie, so I was trying to think of the scary movies my sister and I watched. I'm still looking for options for my nephew, but I got a list out of it.
  1. Watcher in the Woods
    I don't care if it was Disney. It was Bette Davis and it was scary.
  2. Gremlins
    Once the cute little guys were gone, I was out.
  3. Poltergeist
    I wasn't supposed to be watching this but snuck in and watched part of it when my parents were watching. Carol Ann and that tv was all the punishment I needed for sneaking around.
  4. The Uninvited
    This is actually a really good movie that we saw on accident on AMC when it still showed old black and white movies. I didn't sleep that night. It's the only one on the list I would see again.