My Book Phases, Chronologically

One of my favorite things about the list app so far is all of the book lists. I tried to put together an all time list and mostly what I can remember are the phases of reading I've gone through with some highlights.
  1. Picture books
    Highlights were anything Richard Scarry and the Monster at the End of this Book. The latter is one of my all-time favorites. My mom bought us a lot of Berenstain Bears to get us to clean our rooms and avoid candy also.
  2. "Chapter books" I could read on my own.
    I remember it being a big deal when I was given the ok/proved I was ready to move on to "chapter books." Ramona Quimby, Age 8 was the first. Also the last time I read a series out of order.
  3. The Baby-sitter's Club and similar series (never Sweet Valley High)
    Collect them all kind of mentality for these. I also love a box set of anything. Before there was "Are you a Samantha or a Miranda?" There was "Are you a Kristy, Claudia, or Mary Anne?" in my group of friends. Wanted to be a Claudia but I was a Mary Anne.
  4. All things L.M. Montgomery
    I made an early attempt at Anne of Green Gables and it didn't stick. A year later I read everything she wrote. I was a moony tween so the stories of love and WWI were right in my wheel house. The Blue Castle sticks out for some reason as my favorite.
  5. Reading what my parents are reading.
    At some point in junior high my parents started passing their books to me. This is when i started reading murder mystery series my mom recommended, Tom Clancy books from my Dad, and Clan of the Cave Bear from my stepmom. I still keep up with these series and always something to discuss with my parents.
  6. I'm cool I read the "classics"
    A teenage phase of a not cool girl that resulted in reading a lot of good books. The original motives were probably not pure, but these are now some of my favorite books. This started with Frankenstein and David Copperfield, then included all Bronte all the time, and finished with Jane Austen.
  7. College and I want to read fun stuff on my time off.
    This was the start of all things "chick lit". (Note I did cringe writing that phrase but it's what we called it). One book stands out from all the others, Milk Run. I need to reread it now to fully remember why.
  8. "Yes, I read romance and I probably care too much who knows it."
    I read everything romance for a while. It's not a big stretch given the earlier items on this list. Books piled up everywhere and I spent a small fortune buying these along with the other bestsellers etc. They were/are fun reads and sometimes you just need a fun read.
  9. I'm saving for a house and all books now come from the library.
    This led to library recommendations and a slightly (only slightly) more refined reading list. Also more obscure because the really popular books had long waits. This also coincides with meeting my best friend @terwin06 who made some awesome recommendations like Devil In the White City.
  10. An accountant who really wanted to have a history degree.
    I made a point (still do) of reading historical biographies and non-fiction to placate myself.
  11. Now...I want to read everything and reread my favs from childhood to see if they hold up.
    In progress: Elena Ferrante's Neapolitan series, Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll, and All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr.
  12. Future...stressed because I can't get to everything suggested on the list app that I have saved?