Inspired by @MissJess and @andersun
  1. 1984 - Reagan
    1st grade: I tried to lobby my mom away from Mondale based on the Reagan commercials that said Mondale would raise our taxes. Not sure my mom has ever fully forgiven me for this. 1-0
  2. 1988 - no vote in the 5th grade. Civics apparently weren't in the lesson plan.
  3. 1992 - Bill Clinton
    Ran the Oakland Jr High general election. 2-0
  4. 1996 - Bill Clinton
    My first actual election. Went to a Hillary rally on campus even then. 3-0
  5. 2000 - Al Gore
    Had an amazing election party and my sister and I refused to remove our lawn signs until it was decided to the dismay of our landlord. 3-1 (playing under protest)
  6. 2004 - John Kerry
    First election after working in government. I was probably the most disillusioned at this point. 3-2
  7. 2008 - Barack Obama
    Inspired again I canvassed and argued with my mom about the primary. Watched my one year old nephew clap during the acceptance speech and cried. 4-2
  8. 2012 - Barack Obama
    Trying to stay inspired and believing the President had more he could accomplish. 5-2
  9. 2016 - Hillary Clinton
    I surprised myself about how emotional I became about Hillary. I, like @andersun ,believe in the baseball gods and their cousins the election gods so I will update with my record later.