Requested by @BWN_7
Thank you for the request @BWN_7
  1. Christmas Eve at my Grandma's house.
  2. There was something so great about the entire family being together.
  3. She would have homemade candy hidden in random containers around the house. My favorite was a crocheted boot around a coffee can that always had the peanut clusters.
  4. The adults would talk forever after dinner. Us kids thought they were intentionally torturing us before we could open presents.
    I'd even want to relive the torture.
  5. My parents were always there together even after their divorce.
  6. My sister and I got to wear matching fancy clothes and thought we were hot stuff. Except for the tights. Tights are itchy and I would skip those.
  7. We would take a family picture on the white fur sectional in my grandma's basement.