Inspired by @DG and her list about games she and her sisters played.
  1. For reference this is us. We stayed at home by ourselves during the summers and spent most of it creating careers or watching soap operas (these led to some racy Barbie sessions that are best saved for later).
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  2. Travel Agent
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    We used brochures from the car show as pretend travel brochures. We booked all of the local kids and my mom on very extravagant vacations. Much of our inspiration came from the Price is Right Showcase Showdown.
  3. Restaurant
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    Service resembled Top Chef Restaurant Wars when front of the house goes bad.
  4. Pharmacy
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    This one required a trip to the local convenience store to stock up. Good and Plenty make excellent pretend medicine. They taste bad and look like pills (at least to a 7 year old).
  5. Cooking Show
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    Played with my grandma who does a mean Julia Child. Turns out she managed to get us to always help make lunch without us knowing it. She's very clever.
  6. Employment Agency
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    I'm not sure what inspired this, but the same brochures worked as the travel agency. We also placed those same kids in jobs that we sent on the vacations.
  7. School/Teacher
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    A classic but it didn't last long with us. Interestingly, my sister, who is now a teacher, did not like this as well as the others. My nephews have this set pictured so now I play school with them (I'm the student of course).