I should not be allowed to make decisions under the influence of cold medicine.
  1. Cut off all my hair
    Turned out ok thanks to my hair dresser not listening to any of my ideas and giving me the short haircut that best suited me.
  2. Agreed to make cheesecake cupcakes for an office carry in.
    Now faced with making 48 mini cheesecakes before tomorrow.
  3. Turned down dinner with my mom.
    Missed out on free food that I didn't have to cook and mom sympathy. Dumb!
  4. Washed my causal clothes and not work clothes.
    Today's outfit required digging pretty far in the closet and basically wearing winter clothes in 85 degree weather.
  5. Messed with a zit that is now way more visible than it was.
  6. Parking in a meter spot and not paying the meter.
    This illness is also getting expensive.
  7. Started watching Outlander.
    I don't even know if I like it but I'm almost done with the first season and feel like I need to keep watching.
  8. Update: apparently the above were just the ones I knew about. Just opened the freezer to find out at some point I put a soda in the freezer to get cold and forgot about it. Diet Coke ice everywhere 😩