I have such guilt about this. This list is my documentation that I did try. (In drafts since a recent sick day).
  1. I haven't slept and feel like crap, work is going to suck.
  2. Take shower, put clothes on, need break because I feel like crap.
  3. I could call in 🤔
  4. No it's Monday. I can't call in on a Monday. People talk.
    This is real and I try never to be sick on Mondays.
  5. And I have a ton of work and didn't bring my laptop so can't work at home.
  6. But I have no meetings and damn my throat hurts
  7. I did bring that hard copy report I can work on. 🤔
  8. I'm full on going to be sick. Probably my fault for eating fast food. You can't call in if you caused it yourself Kel.
  9. Lay in bed, make a list, read social media, and procrastinate on the decision until I'm now late for work.
  10. Now I have to call either way to say I'm going to be late or sick.
  11. I hate making this call. Who is the receptionist going to connect me to? A or B are best, and I ask for A or B. They are germaphobes and don't like sick people at work. I always get C who just gives a judgy "ok".
  12. Once decision is made..think maybe I can go in half day because then I'm not charged (in the guilt currency exchange that runs in my mind) for the Monday sick day. On the other hand, will people think I wasn't really sick and just trying to have an excuse to come in late? Decide to just lay down for a little while (read passes out).
  13. Postscript: after sending several incoherent emails during the day, I was kindly asked by my staff to stop checking email.