It's been the most productive and relaxing Saturday.
  1. It was just warm enough to still walk outside.
    It's sunny with just a little nip in the air.
  2. I went to the bookstore
    I mostly just browsed, but that was fun in itself. Also have some great ideas of books I'm going to get my nephews for Christmas.
  3. Went to Target and only bought toothpaste.
    A major success story in willpower.
  4. I've cooked all the meals for the week while catching up on podcasts.
    I just did a mini-marathon of a cooking session that felt like training for Thanksgiving. It was fun to just relax and cook while not being tired after work. I'm also going to take some food to my mom because I made way too much.
  5. Now I can watch football guilt free for the rest of the day.
    Also, my team already lost on Thursday so I'm just watching for good games with no stress.
  6. And it's only 2:30...