The Farthest I've Traveled

Inspired by all of these great lists.
  1. North: Espanola, Ontario Canada
    Or that is the closest town to our cabin. This is the view from the deck. My entire extended family comes up once a year. This year my mom is joining even though it's my dad's cabin and they've been divorced for 30+ years. The only place I'm completely unplugged.
  2. South: Playa del Carmen, Mexico
    We go to the same resort every couple of years. I adore it and am sad this is an off year.
  3. East: Tokyo, Japan
    Stock photo. My stepdad took us on a trip to Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Singapore when I was in junior high. I still don't believe I've been to these places. It was amazing and I wish I had the pictures.
  4. West: San Francisco
    Another stock photo. A gift to my mom before my sister got married. We went on one last trip of just the 3 of us to Sonoma and San Francisco (her fav places). So pretty and so much wine!!!