Requested by @TT
Thank you for the list request @TT. So many other Kellys: colors, companies, and of course the Kellys of Tv (the 80s and 90s were an interesting time for Kellys).
  1. I should probably start by saying I might not be a "Kelly". It's my given name but a professor in college told me I don't look like a "Kelly" so she called me Sarah all semester.
    It was the late 90s so I agree I did not match the pop culture Kellys.
  2. Kelly Kapowski
    Our only similarity is the teddy bear
  3. Kelly Taylor
    Only crossover here is blonde hair which I'm guessing for both of us is the work of a skilled colorist.
  4. Kelly Bundy
    Blonde again...
  5. Kelly Kapoor
    My fav Kelly on tv.
  6. Kelly Green
    A color my mom thought it was cute to dress me in. Only recently have I come to embrace it again.
  7. Kelly Services
    Temp services. They embrace the Kelly green.
  8. Kelly Tire
    Also use Kelly green in one for their logos. Starting to think I should use it for my monogram.