Things I Clean Before the Cleaning People Come

Created while preparing for the cleaning service to come tomorrow...There are things I always clean before my wonderful cleaning service gets to my house. I have a sneaking suspicion they would rather I let them do it because we both know they would be better.
  1. Do the dishes
    I'm afraid they would judge the ratio of forks to plates used due the number of times I eat takeout straight from the container vs using a plate.
  2. Make my bed
    All I have to do is leave the new sheets out and they will do it. For some reason I can't have someone else make my bed. Although I have no problems in a hotel.
  3. Take everything off of my coffee table
    This is just being courteous so they don't have to deal with my growing mail and magazine collection.
  4. Wipe out the bathroom sinks
    I'm a big slob with toothpaste and I don't want them to know.
  5. Take out the bathroom trash
    I don't know ...
  6. Clean my closet
    One time I wanted the closet vacuumed and now I clean my closet just in case they vacuum it.