Things I Do for My Nephews I Wouldn't Do for Anyone Else

These last 8 years have been eye opening.
  1. In general, act goofy
    My mother and sister say I have no whimsy. These goofy boys make me whimsical.
  2. public
    Or in private for that matter. I used to have strict no dancing rules.
  3. Go to the reptile house at the zoo numerous times.
    I honestly don't like going to the zoo at all (not even as a kid). Now I'm now going voluntarily and spending most of my time at the reptile house.
  4. Learn about soccer
    I'm fluent in most sports, but avoided soccer. Even dated a guy in college who tried to "teach" me. That may have contributed to my aversion. Now I'm learning and starting to like it.
  5. Watching SpongeBob and Rabbids Invasion.
    Not my faves. This doesn't even scratch the surface of bizarre cartoons they watch. There is some weird stuff out there for kids. Phineas and Ferb on the other hand was awesome and I miss it.