Requested by @BWN_7
Pretty much everything. I'm a completest (thank you social media for giving a name to my issue) and it's a struggle.
  1. Books- once I've started I'm in no matter how much I hate it. I've only stopped reading one book with no intention of ever picking it back up.
  2. Podcasts - even if I only like every 3rd episode of a podcast I feel a responsibility to at least try to listen to all of them once I subscribe.
    This has resulted in a giant backlog of podcasts I need to listen to.
  3. Any wish/to read/to watch list I make. I systematically go through my Netflix list for my next show. I have numerous "to read" lists that I would need to retire now to be able to complete.
    Problem is I keep adding to them so they will never be done 😰
  4. Food - this one I've spent a lot of years trying to fix.
    I now put my napkin over my plate at a restaurant so I won't eat more. I try and clear the dishes immediately at home so everything is out of sight.
  5. The only thing I don't complete are tv series. At least not when they are first running. Rarely do I make it through to the end of an entire series. I tend to go back years later and finish them out.
    I'd be a horrible Nielsen rater.