Inspired by @ladyprofessor. I've had Dolly Parton's Hard Candy Christmas on a loop in my head this week.
  1. Dye her hair
  2. Move somewhere
  3. Get a car
  4. Drive so far she'll lose track
  5. Sleep real late
  6. Lose some weight
  7. Clear her junk
  8. Just get drunk
  9. Learn to sew
  10. Lie low
  11. Hit the bars
  12. Count the stars
  13. Settle down
  14. Leave town
  15. Have some fun
  16. Meet someone
  17. In the end..She'll be just fine. She's barely getting through tomorrow but she won't let sorrow bring her way down. She's going to be fine and dandy like a Hard Candy Christmas.
    I probably found this song more inspiring than it should be after a really bad week.