What I've Been Doing Instead of Listing

The first 3 months of the year are the worst for me at work and I didn't have the brain space to list much. Honestly I've just started to catch up in the last couple of weeks or so.
  1. I'm teaching myself to embroider. For a while I was cranking out a dish towel a night. I took out all my angst and frustration on the fabric. It was relaxing. Current project:
  2. I'm not making great progress on my 2016 reading goals but I did read Middlesex which has been on my list for years. Really good. Currently in the middle of 4 books depending on my mood and ability to process.
  3. Went to Atlanta to aTv fest. It was amazing and I need to get back to Atlanta when I have more time. So much I want to do there.
  4. Ok, hopefully I can start getting my list brain back now.