Why I Deactivated My Twitter Account

To be fair it's not a big deal to anyone but me. I didn't tweet or have a lot of followers.
  1. It was stressing me out.
    I was anxious every time I checked it. I can't explain it and it is something I will be exploring. In the meantime, I can remove a trigger.
  2. I reached a point of "too much information."
    I was caring about news that really wasn't news and reading spoilers and being mad at myself. Also I can't control myself from reading. In times of family health scares I've had to delete the Google app. Same theory here...sometimes being in the dark may be best.
  3. It really was a time suck for me.
    I'm not promising to be more productive at work. However, I can spend all that time I was reading Twitter reading a book that is also on my phone. I think that will be a more restorative break.
  4. And the final straw: I found myself having a conversation with my sister that was basically me reporting what someone said on Twitter.
    And we aren't talking about what the President said either. It was absurd. I'm sure my sister will appreciate the end of this also.