Snow Day Things

  1. X-files
    just started watching and I scream through every episode due to a brutal crush on mulder
  2. neko atsume
    finally downloaded the cat stalking app and it's given me something to nurture and love
  3. beats headphones
    accidentally washed my subtle ones in the washing machine!
  4. hair chalk
    gotta keep the ol look evolving!
  5. navy blue XL men's hands sweatshirt from target
    see above. have not taken it off. a $7.99 hug from a cloud
  6. electric blanket
    action shot
  7. rookie yearbook 3
    inspiration for future zine writing
  8. boyfriend trapped in New York City
    smol Angel last seen in panera
  9. good romantic comedies on Netflix
    little black book! sliding doors! im Mindy Kaling
  10. pizza within walking distance
    spending lots and lots of time with lady friends
  11. conditioner left over from hair dye bottles
    cheap, effective against the cold mistress that is snowy air
  12. soft pink lipstick
    I am a snow bunny