People who could get me to take a pill in Ibiza to show them I'm cool

ooooh, a "two months ago this would have been to topical" list
  1. Noel Fielding
    I trust him implicitly and need to redeem myself after he called my phone wallpaper weird.
  2. Steve Harvey
    But he wouldn't
  3. Steve from Blue's Clues
    Because there's a story and there's a STORY
  4. Mark Zuckerberg
    I think if your Facebook gets deleted internally, all of your pictures are gone forever. I use Facebook as a free cloud, so this wouldn't work for me.
  5. Anyone who voiced a Rugrat
    A baby's gotta do what a baby's gotta do
  6. P Diddy (puff daddy?)
    I'm not sure what his name is now, but I once legitimately thought he was a god (long story), so there's probably some carryover from that
  7. Ellen
    If you think you'd turn down anything Ellen asked you to do, you're lying to yourself
  8. Austin Mahone
    Youths frighten me
  9. Rob Thomas
    Creator of Veronica Mars, not guy from Matchbox 20. That RT would get a hard "uhhh, no thanks, guy" from me.
  10. Anyone from the Spanish government
    I don't have a passport, so if I'm in Ibiza, imma need to make some important friends real fast.
  11. Not fucking Avicii
    What a dweeb